I was dragged out into the street in underwear and barefoot

I was dragged out into the street in underwear and barefoot

Virgilio mantilla 3

Camagüey, November 4th. At approximately 8 a.m., two cars with several MININT officers and other members of the Political Police arrived in front of my home. I immediately closed the door but they entered anyway, in the same violent and disrespectful way as they have done in previous occasions. Quickly I went up to the roof maintaining that if tried to arrest me I would sacrifice myself and bring one of them with me. They left but not before uttering some threats. Among them were agents that had been monitoring me day and night during the week. After a while sitting on the roof I came down to reinforce doors and windows and lie down to rest. About an hour later, I heard the noisy arrival of trucks, patrol cars, motorcycles and a van with agents from Special Forces and State Security members, more than twenty all together.

They broke the front and back doors making a lot of noise, running and shouting as they reached my bed where they beat me with clubs and other weapons. I was dragged out to the street in underwear and barefoot.

I was their prisoner from Sunday through Friday at two different detention centers: the 3rd station of the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) in Havana, and at the Political Police operation called “Villa Maria Luisa.”

I was interrogated multiple times as they threatened to link me with the sabotage to a known shop of the city called El Encanto. It seems this was done by a group of very young boys who broke its windows and put signs against the Government on the walls and distributed propaganda. The police knew it. I was imprisoned from Sunday to Friday without having committed any crime.

Once set free on the 9th, upon arriving at my home I discovered that they had confiscated books and other materials. They even took the boxes that I used in place of furniture. Also several of my neighbors suffered some damages as these agents ran on the rooftops breaking roof tiles and creating havoc.

The severe beating that I took caused serious lesions on the cervical area and other part of my body. Virgilio Mantilla Arango Vicepresidente of partido Cuba Independiente y Democrática (CID http://www.cubacid.org)


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