In Summary Jury Trial in Trinidad, Elio Alfredo Puig Amador was Sanctioned fo Four Years for “Pre Crime Social Danger” (a Supposed Propensity to Commit Crimes)

They made a mistake with this trial. They wanted to separate me from the struggle for freedom but today I feel strengthened and I will redoubled my efforts against the regime. “I will never yield to their lies”

Elio Alfredo Puig Amador, the delegate responsible for the care of political prisoners and their relatives at the Cuba Independiente y Democrática (CID) delegation of Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus province, Cuba, was sentenced on a summary trial on Friday Nov. 23rd by the Municipal Court of Trinidad for pre crime social danger (a supposed propensity to commit crimes).
Puig Amador, 48, father of five daughters, received a sentence of four years correctional labor without confinement, for his rebellious attitude. An appeal will be submitted against this arbitrary judgment manipulated by the political police. His wife Marisol Altunaga, supported her husband’s activities at the proceedings.
Elio Alfredo Puig Amador, was arrested on Wednesday, Nov. 14th and was kept at the jail of the national police in Trinidad where he was interrogated and threatened several times so he would stop his collaboration with CID. After his release he stated that he will continue in CID and denounced the excesses of the regime against the Cuban people and against the criminal population in Castro’s prisons.


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