In Holguín the opposition grows with 20 new members

In the province of Holguin, Independent and Democratic Cuba (CID) reported a substantial growth in the last two weeks. While the delegation of the municipality of Maceo of that province grew by five members, the delegation from the city of Holguín increased with fifteen new members.


This is a demonstration of how popular discontent will be channelled from an attitude of discomfort to one of political activism. In other parts of the island, the CID continues to grow in delegations and in number of members as a result of the convening power of the organization and the work of activists, honest, committed and courageous.

The CID takes part in the activities of other organizations of opposition of the island and endorses them. On Monday August 5 all the organizations fighting against the dictatorship in Holguin joined against the acts of repudiation and the activists arrested by the regime.

Repression can cause momentary fear and physical damage, but the reaction to the atrocities is not the same as in other times. The victims of the dictatorship were outraged by the abuses and react with the determination to respond to such excesses.

The new members in the delegation of Maceo are:

1- Roberto Carlos Cedeño Cedeño
2- Carlos Alberto Cedeño Cedeño
3- Also Mulet Perez
4- Nelson Salazar Martinez
5- Yordan Sanchez

The new members in the delegation of Holguin are:

1- Yaradi Jorge Ricardo
2- Maria Antonia Gonzalez Escalona
3. Maikel Espinoza Ramirez
4- Maria de los Angeles Rodriguez Sera
5- Victor Manuel Mendoza Proenza
6- Maximino Sunday Carralero
7- Hector Luis Fernández Ferrero
8- José Ángel Escalona Game
9- Asdrubal Leandro Primeye Ordóñez
10- Yasmany Rodriguez Estrada
11- Julio Cesar Vilanoba Portuguese
12- Manuel Jesus Marques Rodriguez
13- Katiuska Rodríguez Rodríguez
14- Gonzalo Orta Santisteban

15- Odalkis Rosa Sanchez Velazquez



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