#Cuba Prisoners voluntarily become contaminated by Cholera and new Yara CID delegation

Ubaldo León León, provincial Coordinator of the CID in the province of Granma reported the presence of cholera in the area. Patients are being sent to Celia Sánchez Manduley in Manzanillo hospital.  Most of the patients come from the prisons of Las Mangas and San Ramon. It appears that prisoners are selling excrement contaminated with cholera between them, thus enabling prisoners to become ill and leaving the prisons for hospital for a while. This is part of the disaster of living in prisons.

Ubaldo also commented that: “yesterday the farce of the carnivals of Manzanillo began – I say this because the carnival is a farce. They could not parade the troupes because they did not have their finished uniforms.”

A new and large delegation has been founded in the province of Yara, Granma reported. Yara is the village where Commander Huber Matos was born.  News of this new delegation was greeted with special enthusiasm by the Secretary General of the organization.

In Yara, in 1512, the cacique Hatuey was burned alive, after having been captured by Spanish troops. Hatuey had travelled from the island of Hispaniola (Santo Domingo/Haiti) to alert and fight against the imminent arrival of the Spaniards to Caobana (Cuba).

Yara was the stage of the first fight for the independence of Cuba in the ten years war in 1868. The war was started by Carlos Manuel de Céspedes on October 10, 1868 at the sugar mills of La Demajagua near Yara.

The provincial Coordinator of the CID said that Officials of the Insecurity of the State had warned that they would not allow meetings of the delegation of the CID in Manzanillo, who are accustomed to hold their meetings at his home.


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